Your Childbirth Experience

Your Birth plan

Copy of shutterstock_170979746 pregnant woman on couchWe want to provide the best care possible for you and your family during your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond as you ease into your new or expanded role of motherhood. Your infant’s birth should be a cherished, family-centered memory. Our commitment to that goal includes helping you to understand your birth options and supporting your choices for your childbirth experience. 

We call these choices your “birth plan,” and we encourage you to think about it throughout your pregnancy. You will get much information along the way from us and our nurses, from your childbirth classes, and perhaps from family, friends, or even the Internet. Share with us what you’ve heard or read. We can help you to separate good information from “old wives tales.” But on that special day–your baby’s birthday–many choices are yours alone.

we encourage and support your personal choices

Will you want medication to manage discomfort during labor, or would you prefer an unmedicated delivery? Read more.

What support person(s) have you asked to be with you? We are very happy to meet them in the office during a prenatal visit. (just dad? your mom and sister? a doula?)

What might make you more comfortable during labor? We encourage you to try changes of position or walking if it makes you more comfortable. Sipping liquids is not off limits in most cases.

Have you wondered about water labor? Yes it’s available, and we’ll be happy to discuss that option with you.

Your comfort and a healthy outcome for you and your baby are our mutual goal. But we also want to support the choices that comprise your unique childbirth experience.