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5 Reasons Your OB Doctor Wants You to Think About Your Birth Plan

All the physicians at Sparks & Favor welcome birth plans. Whether you have a written plan or just a mental note of a few items, it helps us to know what is important to you.
A True Birth Plan Story
Many years ago, Dr. Sparks and his wife looked forward to the birth of their first child. Dr. Sparks, an army physician, had just received his new duty assignment to the 130th Station Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. They would travel over a month before the baby’s due date, get settled, and then spend some time enjoying this beautiful city…

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Gestational Diabetes–Good OB Care Makes a Difference in High-Risk Pregnancy

Over the nine months of your pregnancy, you are likely to experience some physical and emotional bumps in the road. Most women are not caught off guard by feelings of fatigue and the discomforts of morning sickness during the early weeks. These sensations usually improve. The middle months pass as you make plans and preparations for your child’s arrival.

As you begin your third trimester, your doctor will schedule a few tests to make sure your body is adapting well to the changes that pregnancy brings. Your 28-week appointment will include a screening test of your blood sugar…

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Dr. Hall-Minnie Talks About Strategies to Enhance Recovery After a Cesarean Delivery

Did you have a hard time when your doctor suggested that a cesarean delivery would be best for you and your baby? You’re not alone. Most expectant mothers are young and have enjoyed good health.  Many have never had any kind of surgery. Moms recall feeling disappointed and sometimes fearful.

Knowing what to expect will ease your concerns. I’d like to offer some reassurance and a few tips for our OB patients, whether you are expecting a c-section or just know it’s a possibility. Women who have had a previous c-section may also find this…

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