From Dr. Sparks–Why we reach out to our patients through social media.

The Internet we are familiar with has only been around since about 1991. Facebook will celebrate its ninth anniversary in February, and Twitter is not yet six. In that short time, web-based media have become staples of American culture built around an entire lexicon of new expressions. If like me you were well into adulthood at the dawn of this phenomenon, you may have spent much of the last two decades on the sidelines asking yourself, “Why bother, how can this help me?” On the other hand, if you were born into the digital age or came to it as a young person, you can’t imagine life without it anymore than baby-boomers can envision life before television!

At Sparks & Favor, we have stepped off the sidelines, buckled our chin-straps, and entered the game.  If you are reading this, you have found our new blog. Look to the top of this page, and you will see our links to Twitter and Facebook.

We recognize that many women look to their obstetrician or gynecologist as their primary care physician. Often her Ob-Gyn is the only physician a woman sees on a regular basis. We take seriously our responsibility to support our patients’ efforts to achieve their best possible health. The social media provide a wonderful educational tool. Our professional organization, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages its physicians to reach out to patients through social media. Much of what you will see on our sites originates with that organization.  We have confidence in the high-quality information that ACOG provides.

SO…try out our Twitter and Facebook links. Most days you will find health tips and other “tweets” you might enjoy, along with links to informative articles about current issues in women’s health.  Twitter and Facebook will also alert you to new posts on our Sparks & Favor blog. Periodically, we find a topic or problem that you, our patients, are asking about or that we would like to call to your attention.  The blog gives your physicians here the opportunity to share their thoughts with you on some of these issues.

We hope our social media pages will provide Birmingham women with a quick and reliable source of women’s health information.