From Dr. Stradtman…

I would like to share with my patients that I will be taking a short leave of absence from my practice beginning later this week. I have received an abnormal result on a recent mammogram, and surgery will be necessary. I feel very fortunate that, in this case, the good routine medical care I recommend to women each day has allowed me to receive early treatment, and I look forward to returning to my full schedule in a few weeks.

I regret this inconvenience to my patients, but I confidently place your care needs in the hands of my partners during my absence. For my pregnant patients and GYN patients needing to be seen while I’m away, Drs. Sparks, Favor, Gregory, and Whitehead will be very pleased to see you in the office. Our office staff will contact you to reschedule upcoming appointments.  If your appointment is for an annual exam, please let our office know whether you would like to see one of our other physicians while I am away; or, if you prefer, the office can contact you when I re-open my appointment schedule. I would recommend that you not postpone an upcoming mammogram appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cecilia M. Stradtman MD