Our office, ultrasound, and mammography office are on the 7th floor of the Women’s Medical Center Office Building (previously Women’s Medical Plaza).


  1. From Hwy. 31, turn right at the first red light and go up the hill into the Yellow Parking Deck.
  2. Park in the YELLOW section of the visitor’s parking deck.
  3. Use Skywalk A to follow the hallway to the elevator lobby.
  4. Take the elevator to the 1st floor.
  5. Follow the hallway to the double sliding glass doors on the left into the lobby to the elevators (on your right). (If you are at the round circle chair, you have gone too far).
  6. Take one of the 2 Women’s Medical Office Building elevators to the 7th floor.
  7. Exiting the elevators, go right to the main hallway then turn:
    • LEFT for the doctor’s office and reception
    • RIGHT for the diagnostic suite for mammogram or ultrasound

Bring your parking ticket with you. There are payment stations in the lobby and near the skybridge elevators. 

DIRECTIONS TO Labor & Delivery, NICU, Postpartum, Women’s Care Unit:

  1. From Hwy. 31, turn LEFT at the first red light by the sign that says “Labor & Delivery, Cyberknife, Cancer Center”.
  2. Turn RIGHT at the first stop sign. Enter the parking garage. There are 2 levels.
  3. There are a few reserved spaces for emergency/laboring patients. Spaces in this lot are limited. Visitors and patients not in labor may need to use the Yellow Lot and walk across Skybridge A to get to the Women’s Lobby.
  4. Enter the building. Turn immediately right to find 3 elevators.
    • L&D: 3rd floor
    • NICU: 4th floor
    • Postpartum: 5th floor
    • High risk OB, Women’s Care Unit (GYN surgery postop): 6th floor

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2006 Brookwood Medical Center Drive, Suite 700
Birmingham, Alabama 35209

Telephone: (205) 397-1286
(205) 397-1340

After Hours Telephone: (205) 397-1286 or (205) 930-4038