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At Sparks and Favor, we have been providing quality OBGYN services to Birmingham women for over 25 years. We offer the advantages of modern technology including 3D mammography and minimally-invasive (robotic) surgical capabilities. Above all, we promote good health outcomes through the relationships we build with our patients over time.

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Cord Blood Donation–What Expectant Parents Need to Know

Cord Blood Donation in Birmingham
At some time during your pregnancy, you will probably hear about cord blood donation. Your physicians at Sparks & Favor have prepared the following information to help our expectant families understand the potential benefits and possible consequences of these donations. We neither recommend nor discourage them. We want our patients to base their choice on the principles of informed consent. However, we do not consider the arrival at the hospital for the birth of your baby to be the ideal time to first hear about or begin considering this option.

Our practice does not receive…

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Iron and Folic Acid–Diet Concerns for Women’s Health

The top nutrition/diet concerns we hear from you at your well-woman visits include weight management and bone health (calcium and vitamin D). Occasionally we answer questions about dietary or weight loss supplements. We usually recommend that the best source of the nutrients you need each day is a well-balanced diet! (Read Dr. Stradtman’s past blog about dietary supplements).

We realize, however, that a woman’s typical diet—even when she tries to eat well—may not be meeting the special nutritional needs she has at certain times in her life. Besides calcium and vitamin D (discussed…

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Are You Protected from Measles?

The Alabama Dept. of Public Health has withdrawn its confirmation of a case if measles originating in Jefferson County.
As measles outbreaks continue to occur in several states—the most in 25 years—patients have begun to ask me whether they are protected or whether they should receive another vaccination. Although the Alabama Dept. of Public Health has not yet recorded a case of measles originating in our state, reported that a traveler with confirmed measles did visit several locations in Alabama last week.

Public health officials are appropriately concerned. Up to 95% of persons who are exposed…

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