Sparks & Favor Sponsors Golden Gala for Baby Steps Bama

We are proud to partner with Baby Steps Bama as a sponsor of their Golden Gala.  Baby Steps is a non-profit organization that supports pregnant and parenting college students so that they are empowered to thrive as both parents and students.

The organization’s vision is “to create a culture of empowerment that changes how universities, communities, and society as a whole respond to and support Student-Moms. Young women facing unplanned pregnancies should not be defined by their circumstances but empowered to thrive. We are diligently working to bring Baby Steps to Student-Moms across the nation.” So far they have served over 170 student moms!

The first hub was established at Auburn University in 2017, and the organization is expanding with the goal to officially open a hub at the University of Alabama in the fall of 2024.   The hubs “act as local sites of empowerment near college campuses, connecting Student-Moms to a network of support. Our Hubs focus on three fundamental pillars: housing, support, and community.” The gala highlighted several success stories of recent graduates. It was great to hear about the impact the organization is having on these moms and exciting to be a part of their effort to expand to other universities in Alabama and across the country. We can’t wait to see how they continue to grow!

If you would like to learn more about or donate to this wonderful organization, check out their website:

They also have a podcast called Unplanned and Untold that is available on Apple Podcasts. The podcast’s goal is “to be a source of inspiration for women across the nation who are navigating an unplanned pregnancy. Because sometimes all it takes is knowing you are not alone in what you are facing.”

Drs. Gregory, Whitehead, Malek, and Hall-Minnie

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